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Storage Insurance

Insurance is available for storage customers at SA Storage Worx in Adelaide PH: 08 8243 0065

The storage fee is for rent of the storage space only and does not include Storage Insurance.SA Storage Worx does not provide insurance and disclaims liability for damage or loss to your stored property. Storage Insurance is essential because while home insurance covers your possessions in your home it may not cover your items stored elsewhere so please check your policy carefully first to see if you do have storage insurance and enough coverage. However our storage consultants can organise Self Storage Insurance to cover all your possessions whilst in storage on your behalf.

How to arrange Self Storage Insurance

SA Storage Worx is an approved Self Storage Facility that can arrange Self Storage Insurance through Midland Insurance Brokers which is acting as an intermediary for CGU Insurance. All you need to do is take the time to work out the actual value of the items to be stored in the storage unit. The premiums are inexpensive and give you peace of mind that your possessions are fully covered. To request self storage insurance please give us a call and we will send a ‘Financial Services Guide’ and ‘Product Disclosure Statement and Policy’ out to you. To apply for self storage insurance you will also need to come in and complete an application for Insurance Form and pay the correct premium to SA Storage Worx.

CGU Insurance Protection for Storage Customers

Self Storage Coverage is designed to protect your household goods and other property against loss and/or damage due to fire, theft (by forcible entry), explosion, malicious damage, windstorm, smoke damage, lightning, earthquake, impact (excluding damage cause by vermin, insects and wildlife), riots and strikes, water damage, storm and/or tempest and/or rainwater. The policy can be extended to cover motor vehicles, boats and jet skis to a maximum sum insured of $10,000. Commercial goods may also be covered if approved by Midland.

Policy Information

  • All applications are subject to approval
  • All premiums must be pre-paid in three month blocks
  • Maximum coverage available is $50,000 per space
  • The policy is subject to $55 minimum premium in South Australia
  • There is no insurance for currency, deeds, securities, money notes, jewellery, watches, precious stones, furs or garments trimmed with fur, paintings, curios and works of art.
  • Coverage ceases upon removal of insured property from the individual storage space nominated on your application of Insurance.
  • Subject to the limitations in the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy wording.
  • Excess is $200 for all claims.


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